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Learn How to Connect the Brother Printer to Wi-Fi

Things to keep in mind before connecting the Brother printer to Wi-Fi

Before running the solution on how to connect brother printer to wifi, we need to know what the problem is because we are not able to connect the Brother printer to Wi-Fi.

Are there common errors when connecting the Brother printer via Wi-Fi?

The most common mistake when trying to connect a Brother printer to Wi-Fi is that both the Wi-Fi router and brother are at a distance exceeding the technically designed place. According to the Brother Printer production team, the printer's Wi-Fi range is 10 meters. If the user places the Wi-Fi device and the Brother printer further away, the printer easily breaks the Wi-Fi connection.

The second critical point you want to remember is the Wi-Fi router must receive signals. Green and blue lights indicate that the router is turned on Wi-Fi. The problem is with your Brother printer, therefore it is not connected to Wi-Fi.

You can reset your Wi-Fi password and username by following these steps:

  • Click the menu and then go to the system with the arrow.
  • Now press OK, click WLAN and press OK.
  • Using the up arrow down key, press the setup wizard using the up and down arrow keys, and now click OK.
  • When you see that Wi-Fi has turned on the alternative.
  • You must press yes. Now your Brother wireless printer will automatically search the wireless network.
  • You must choose a network name and choose the right one.
  • You must enter a password and then click OK.
  • Now enter the password and then click OK.
  • This can complete the process of connecting your brother to Wi-Fi.
  • The Brother printer does not automatically connect to Wi-Fi: (The Brother printer does not connect to Wi-Fi)

Brother Printer Does Not Connect To Wifi Automatically:

If the Brother printer does not automatically connect to Wi-Fi, you need to reset the Wi-Fi and Brother network settings to connect to each other. Turn on the power of your Brother printer. Press the menu button, click the down arrow with the button and click OK. Click # 1 to manually reset the system process. Finally, the Brother printer will start resetting the network activity. When finished, you should try to connect the Brother printer to Wi-Fi.

Now enable the Brother wireless printer function, go to the network and connect to the Wi-Fi system today.

Many times you will encounter a problem that Wi-Fi does not understand the printer. You must reset the printer's network settings. After resetting the system settings, the printer installation wizard will understand the Brother printer.

  • Turn off the printer, press and hold the Go button.
  • When you turn on the power button. All LEDs will light up.
  • Then the state of these LED lights will reverse. Release the Go button.
  • All LEDs should now go out. Press Go six times. All LEDs should now light up after restarting the printer. The Brother printer will now be recognized.
  • Connect the power chord to your Brother printer, then connect the electrical outlet, and then connect the Brother printer to Wi-Fi.
  • Press the menu button on the system control panel. Press the up arrow down key now click WLAN and click OK.
  • Press the up arrow key to select the menu, and then press OK.
  • When WLAN is enabled, select yes and allow Wi-Fi. Turn on the wireless network, the wireless installation wizard will start.

How to Connect Brother Printer to Computer:

Make sure you connect the Brother printer to the Wi-Fi with which the computer is connected. Then ensure a secure connection between the Brother printer and the computer. Connect the Brother printer to the power cable twist on your computer and install the printer driver so that the printer can execute the print command.

Restart the computer, connect 1 end to the USB port and the other end to the USB cable interface, and then connect the opposite end of the USB cable to an open port on the computer. The USB ports are connected to a sparse USB port near the sound jack and power cord.

How to connect Brother Printer with Wi-Fi:

Make sure the power cord is connected. Turn the machine on and make sure it is ready. Hold the WPS button on your own wireless LAN access point with the router on the WLAN access point button for a few seconds. Press the wireless configuration button on the back of the device. Read the user's manual that came with your printer. Wi-Fi lights will blink after creating a secure link that the personal computer and printer will inform you that the system has successfully completed.


The Brother printer can also be installed with a Wi-Fi router as you do.

Allow resetting the printer system card to factory settings. Now configure the radio card in the printer. Open a web browser on your computer.


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